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Mitasie 3, Healthy Vegan Restaurant near Huntington Beach, Orange County


Our Core Values

We proudly prepare all of our menu selections fresh, at the time they are ordered to provide the maximum nutritional benefits.

We understand the value of your time. Your good health should never be taken for granted or sacrificed for desired timeliness.

We believe it’s a difference that you’ll appreciate!


Your Vegan Restaurant

Our Archivements 

Dear valued customers, 

Mitasie has made a strong progress during  the past years. Together with our beloved customers, Mitasie team, and partners,  we are serving thousands of  people  in our community the healthiest and the most delicious vegan, vegetarian  food. 


Found in 2009, Mitasie is one of the oldest vegan-vegetarian restaurants in Huntington Beach, California. We are recognized as one of the top high rated Asian fusion vegan restaurants on Google, Yelp, Happy Cow, Trip Advisor and Facebook in the area. We are rated 4.6-5 stars  across rating sites on the internet. It is a wonderful thing. 

Thus, we would like to express our gratitude to all that you have done.  We are most grateful with your support. Thank you for taking your time to provide us your feedback and reviews! Thank you for showing us your love! 


Your Vegan Restaurant

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